“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

is a clothing company runned by a group of young professional models working at different major fashion companies.
We gathered from all over the world to create something special.

Our vision :

is running a new upgraded version of Y2K, Punk, Hype and a variety of other styles.

The Birth of an idea:

We started Invetitum because we noticed the lack of online brands offering products that Gen Z loves.
Most young people these days are mesmerized by 2000s Y2K fashion, mid-1970s punk clothes, and the coquette aesthetic style.

They usually have a hard time finding a store that has what they want.

That's WHY :

INVETITUM offers you exclusively a wide collection of clothes that everyone has on their wish list ! ❤️

The Reason We Are Different From Other Stores:

We try hard to keep our prices affordable for most people.

Invetitum team makes sure a good outfit that our customers will feel confident in won’t cost hundreds of dollars.
we believe fashion is for everybody.

We use fashion as a language to promote body positivity and self-esteem, seeking inclusion for adults of all ages, races, sizes, gender identities, sexual orientations and physical abilities in society and in fashion industry.

Our team works around the clock to keep our products as inclusive as possible.


Our community is full of talented and creative people like you. We want you to shine and showcase your best self.


We are inspired by big names in the fashion industry such as: Vivienne Westwood.
She has been an innovative , provocative fashion designer and a part of the Punk movement. Vivienne has always been using her collections and catwalk shows as a platform to campaign for
environmental activism.

She is one of the fashion icons that have spent many years tirelessly speaking out about the effects of climate change and over-consumption.

That is one of the reasons Vivienne has a big impact on our products.


We as activists make sure all of our products will not cause any harm to our planet. 🌎